Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a reputable investment corporation in the region that creates value through diversified businesses in ports and logistics, port-related projects and other related ventures.

Our Mission

To enhance the long-term value of the Group by:

  • Creating sustainable returns to our shareholders;
  • Achieving excellence in all our business undertakings;
  • Embracing best practices in our business processes;
  • Enriching the lives of employees;

whilst always caring for the environment and community within which we operate.

SuriaGroup’s Core Values

  • Service Excellence - Providing excellent services to our customers
  • Unity of Purpose - Working together as one cohesive team to achieve our missions
  • Respect - Value and care for our employees, community and the environment
  • Integrity - Upholding the highest ethical conduct and good corporate governance
  • Achievement - Strong commitment to act and accomplish desired results through innovation and creativity