Structured Talent Management Programme

Leadership Development is defined as formal and informal training and professional development programmes designed for the Management down to Executive level of employees to assist in developing the required leadership skills and styles to deal with a variety of business situations. It was found that the more organisations do toward developing leaders, the greater the financial success. When linked with organisational strategy, leadership development programmes and leadership competencies effectively support profound long lasting changes.

In SuriaGroup, the need to identify leaders of tomorrow has been brought up as most of the Managerial level is on the brink of retirement. Hence, succession planning is seen as the most crucial aspect in order to maintain the business continuity of the Group. In echo to that, the Group Human Resource has come up with a structured Talent Management programme focussing on the Executive level up to the Management level. This initiative has been approved by the Top Management in 2013. Ever since a few series of the programme has been outlined for a period of three years’ and was embarked on 2014.

Talent management is actually an effort to integrate recruiting and appraising employees, particularly for the most talented or promotable employees (the upper 10%). Developing talent refers to the development of people so that they are ready to be placed in the right places to do the right things and at the right times to help the organisation achieve its right goals as identified in strategic plans. One of the identified talents for SuriaGroup is Managerial talent. This is a combination of a sharp strategic mind, leadership ability, emotional maturity, communication skills, the ability to attract and inspire others, entrepreneurial instincts and the ability to deliver results.

There are three (3) main groups to be developed under Leadership cum Talent Management

Programmes; namely:

  1. Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLDP)
    • For Senior Managers and above
  2. Accelerated Leadership Development Programme (ALDP)
    • For Managers
  3. Emerging Talent Development Programme (ETDP)
    • For Assistant Managers, Senior Executives and selected high-performing Executives