Centre of Excellence

SuriaGroup’s Centre of Excellence (COE) was established in July 2012 under the Group Human Resource, emphasizing on growth and development of employees through various holistic training and development opportunities:

  • Soft & Technical Skills trainings that intended for acquisition of long term development of employees’ skills, enhancing competency and behaviors.
  • Continuous Education at acquiring academic and professional certificates.
  • Job / Trade Certification obtained through accreditation by industry that meets the standard and regulations.
  • On the job training through series of initiatives in mentoring, attachment, cross-training, study visit and knowledge transfer.
  • Job rotation to facilitate learning and broadening of knowledge and experience.

Training and development are the most significant opportunities that demonstrate the company’s strategic commitment in employees’ productivity. Underpinned by SuriaGroup’s strategy map to be ‘Preferred Place of Employment, growth and development opportunities in SuriaGroup are continuous process aimed to strive with rapid change and to stay on top of trends and remain competitive in the industry.